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Southeast Plastic


Southeast Plastic, located in Chapin, SC is dedicated to supplying customers with high quality products and services at competitive prices. With over 45 years of European experience, Southeast is capable of designing, replacing or repairing Feed Screws, Barrels, End Caps, Nozzles and Tips.  Customers will be exposed to new product technology and enhancements that will allow for more efficient operation of their machinery.  There is no application that is too difficult for Southeast Plastic.


Leadership, Commitment, Quality


Southeast has become a leading supplier, meeting the stringent demands of the Plastics, Chemical and Rubber Industries. Skills and know-how of the latest machining technology for both screws and their associated barrels are held to exacting customer requirements in a wide range of materials. All work is held to strict conformance with customer specifications and Southeasts high standards. Precision manufacture of new and used feed screws and barrels is controlled by a rigid quality system for accurate gauging of all dimensions to ensure it will meet customers specifications and expectations. Product quality is a part of every manufacturing operation and design at Southeast Plastic. Before shipment, each screw or barrel will receive a final inspection to Southeast Plastics exact requirements for dimensional accuracy, straight and surface finish, ensuring long trouble-free service.



We  specialize in the following Services.


Services Other
  New Screws Materials
Twin Screw Segments Craftsmanship
New & Re-sleeved Barrels
Tip Assemblies  
End Caps  
End Cap Nozzles  



Mission Statement:

Dedicated to a standard of excellence, commitment and quality in all aspects of craft, customer service, communications, and management within the industry.


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